Fine China Makeover: Bringing Vintage China Into Modern Times


Let’s play word association. When we say “fine china,” what words come to mind? Words like “formal,” “tradition,” and “grandma,” right? Nowadays, fine china is thought of as fancier, higher-quality dinnerware and dishes – and frankly, though it used to be the cornerstone of any wedding registry, we just don’t see the need for it....

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Cakes Gallery


Welcome to our gallery of delicious wedding cakes. Sometimes a photo is all you need to inspire the perfect cake design to top off your wedding reception.

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Table Setting Gallery


Welcome to our gallery of table decor examples. Sometimes a photo is all you need to help you select a theme, a color, or a detail that defines your wedding reception.

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wedding guest book

7 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas


Why have a plain white guest book at your wedding, when you can do something unique and creative, a lasting keepsake of wedding memories? Here are seven great ideas, from the conservatively beautiful to the wacky unusual. The Photo Guest Book.   Assign a handy and extroverted friend to take instant Polaroids of each guest or...

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Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

8 Tips When Using Kids in Your Ceremony


Children can be a wonderful part of a wedding ceremony, full of joy and spirit. It does take a little extra thought, planning and accommodation, however, to include them successfully. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and things to consider, to make your wedding celebration a kid-friendly event!  Consider their ages. Young children are...

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Sweets table - unique treats

Creative Details


Give your guests a night they’ll never forget! Creative details really help to make a wedding celebration magical and memorable for your family and friends: For the little ones…If children are invited to the wedding and reception, consider hiring a babysitter for part of the evening. The babysitter could be stationed in a room off...

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2014 Trends


Everything Old is New Again: Pop culture continues to re-visit the 1920’s. “Downton Abbey”…from the popular television series you see headpieces, high necklines, calla lilies for bouquets, soft colors and rich textures. Gatsby…Glitz and glam in everything from headpieces to décor.  Gowns feature beading and soft fabrics.  Men are clean cut and shaven.  It’s Art...

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Candies Table

The Candies Table


Sure, the wedding cake is a tried and true part of weddings since before any of us can remember. But why give your guests one measly piece of cake when you could let them indulge in a buffet full of candy? A candy table is the latest trend in wedding desserts, and it’s not difficult...

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